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With a wealth of experience, a perfect GMAT score, and a legacy of helping thousands of test-takers achieve their goals, Marty Murray is the ally you need in crushing your exam.

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Achieve Your Potential With Personalized Guidance

Marty’s expertise, honed over numerous tests and years of tutoring, is the bridge between your aspiration and achievement.

Accelerated Learning

Marty’s personalized instruction demystifies the concepts and strategies you need for achieving your score goal, offering you a faster path to mastery.

Optimized Preparation

Having the right prep strategy is half the battle won. Marty helps you refine your approach to test preparation, aligning it with your goals for an efficient and effective study regimen.

Unlocking Progress

Stuck in your prep? Marty’s adept diagnosis unveils the barriers to your progress, providing actionable insights for achieving the score improvements you’re looking for.

Exclusive Insights

Venture beyond the conventional with Marty’s deep knowledge of standardized tests. Gain unique insights not found elsewhere, tailored just for you.

Sustained Support

Your test prep journey is a marathon, not a sprint. Marty's steadfast support ensures you stay motivated, confident, and on track until the finish line.

Unparalleled Expertise

Marty Murray is one of the most respected experts in the test prep industry and is known worldwide for his understanding of standardized tests and how to prepare for them.

Online Tutoring Services Tailored for Your Success

Marty Murray offers test prep tutoring in the following topics:

Master GMAT strategies and concepts with a perfect-scoring coach, setting yourself up to achieve your dream score.

Customized tutoring sessions aimed at breaking down the GRE’s challenges, turning them into stepping stones to GRE success.

Master the LSAT with expert instruction and support, achieving the high score you need for your target law schools.

Optimize your mindset with proven strategies, achieving the type of mentality that results in success on test day.

Learn to optimize your unconscious mind for success in all areas of life, unleashing your potential in ways you may not have thought possible.

What test-takers have to say:

A Proven Success Formula

Embarking on the test prep journey with a seasoned coach like Marty not only accelerates your learning but amplifies your results.

The fusion of Marty’s expertise with your determination is the formula for mastering your test.

The success stories of hundreds of test-takers stand testimony to the transformative coaching offered by Marty Murray.

Frequently Asked Questions

To keep things simple and flexible for my students, all tutoring is offered at an hourly rate. That way, students can always choose how many hours of tutoring they want to use as they progress through their test prep and their needs evolve.

I don’t require students to use any particular test prep materials to work with me and can work with you to get the most out of the test prep resources you’re already using. However, in some cases, I may suggest purchasing additional materials if we find that the materials you have are not sufficient for what you’re seeking to accomplish.

Usually, I meet with students online using the Cisco Webex platform. I can also use other online platforms if necessary, and students can meet with me using any computer with a microphone or a computer and phone simultaneously. Also, I can meet with students in the New York City area in person for an additional fee that depends on the distance I have to travel to meet with them.

I do not have formal rescheduling or cancellation policies or charge cancellation fees. I just ask that you do your best to be respectful of my time and inform me as far in advance as possible if you want to reschedule or cancel a tutoring session.

Hourly Tutoring

$ 240 /Hour